Manufacturing / Logistics

Manufacturers have one of the most challenging ecosystems in the marketplace today. Manufacturing businesses lose valuable company time and resources due to vanishing suppliers coupled with workforce skill gaps. These costs are often passed onto the distributor who is left facing the difficult tasks of pricing issues, lead times, and inventory-level management. In industries this complex and advanced, expert accounting for manufacturing business is needed to help navigate the icebergs to achieve all the companies€™ goals.

Windham Brannon provides exceptional manufacturing accounting services by focusing on the day-to-day operations that impact the current year results while planning for the next phases of your business€™ life cycle. We understand how family-owned businesses add other dynamics in succession planning, and we focus on your exit strategies in the beginning. We stay up to date on industry advancements and how these investments will impact your bottom line. Our collective talent will help you reach your objectives by delivering proactive, innovative, and comprehensive manufacturing, distribution and logistics accounting that includes audit, tax, and consulting solutions for all phases of operations. Adding value to your business is our business.

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