International Tax

International taxation adds a new dynamic to the already complex U.S. tax structure. In order to properly establish a detailed international tax planning strategy for you and your family, experienced assistance is a must. At Windham Brannon, our international taxation experts have more than 20 years of experience. Whether you need compliance, planning, or consulting, the team at Windham Brannon has the international accounting skills and expertise to help.

• Compliance services with respect to reporting of foreign assets and foreign source income for U.S. persons.
• Compliance services with respect to reporting investments in foreign entities, including foreign corporations, foreign partnerships or limited liability companies
• Review of income tax returns filed in foreign jurisdictions in connection with U.S. foreign tax credit calculations
• Estate and gift tax planning for U.S. citizens living and/or working in foreign jurisdictions and U.S. persons with non-citizen spouses
• U.S. compliance services with respect to non-resident individuals.
• Assistance with “Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures,” due to non-reporting of previous year(s) foreign financial account(s)
• Consulting with respect to compensation structures for U.S. individuals on foreign assignment
• IRS controversy assistance