Advisory Consulting to Assess Impact and Plan for the Future

Some business decisions are low-stakes, don’t require much thought or involvement from others, and hardly impact operations or financials. It’s the other decisions, the ones that keep you up at night – like how to sustain growth or settle a dispute, what steps to take to safeguard terabytes of sensitive data, or when to plan my exit – where you need a reliable partner, someone on the outside. Windham Brannon’s Advisory Services help you identify and assess challenges through listening and understanding your goals. Together, we can implement a plan to help your business or organization achieve key milestones


The challenges and opportunities of being in business in a digital era can be endless. Advisory services are designed to help business owners and executives across industries leverage their time and resources with our knowledge and experience. Whether the goal is to add a new service line or sell off assets, improve internal controls, investigate potential wrongdoing, or determine the value of an asset or business, Windham Brannon’s team of knowledgeable, resourceful professionals are ready to help. Known for our attention to detail and responsiveness, we help guide companies and their owners along the various stages of a business lifecycle.

Strategic Growth Advisory

Companies in growth mode or those looking to sell turn to Windham Brannon for years – and billions of dollars – of experience. Our Strategic Growth Advisory team has handled around 100 transactions in just the past year, and is well-positioned to add value and minimize the tax impact of corporate deals.

Risk Assurance and Advisory

When so much data is online, how do you protect it? The age of cloud computing, “smart” homes, and paperless technology has also sparked hackers and online fraudsters. Our Risk Assurance and Advisory team works with Fortune 1000 companies, tech start-ups, and middle-market businesses on a range of corporate governance, internal controls, and data security measures to improve and safeguard confidential data.

Healthcare Advisory

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and become more complex, hospital systems, small and mid-size independent physician practices, and nursing homes are becoming increasingly bogged down in details and administrative tasks. Our Healthcare Advisory practice lets physicians and medical administrators leverage our knowledge and resources to achieve better financial and operational performance.

Business Valuation

Valuations are necessary in buy/sell transactions and mergers, if there’s a legal dispute, or to obtain financing, among other scenarios. Accredited through the American Society of Appraisers and AICPA, Windham Brannon’s Business Valuation practice helps businesses, high net worth individuals, and estates and trusts calculate objective, accurate measures of value for their tangible and intangible assets.

Forensic and Litigation Services

No company ever wants to be party to a legal dispute, but when it happens, count on Windham Brannon’s team of forensic and litigation support experts to get to the bottom of it. Our team is credentialed in fraud examination, financial forensics, and business valuation, and we have more than 60 years of combined experience conducting investigations and presenting claims in court.