AI for Healthcare

Reinvent Your Revenue Cycle with Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare has entered the age of “big data.” The amount of information available is too unwieldy for a human to process. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has seen success in industries like banking, marketing, and even clinical healthcare. However, the application of artificial intelligence in the business of healthcare has been lacking.

AI essentially replaces a human – capable of thinking, learning, reasoning, and being able to predict.

The time is now for AI in the business of healthcare.



Smart Health Operations and Revenue Solutions (SHOAR), LLC combines the deep Revenue Cycle expertise of Windham Brannon and the Artificial Intelligence power of Deep Indigo. With over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry and implementing A.I. solutions, SHOAR, LLC will transform your revenue cycle using machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Valerie Barckhoff partners with Vipin Ramani, Ph.D of Deep Indigo to bring hospitals and healthcare organizations an optimized and reinvented revenue cycle. Let us help you reimagine your revenue cycle. Email to begin the journey.

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Meet TRISH, Your Newest Employee

Meet TRISH (Trusted Revenue Innovation for Smart Healthcare), your newest digital employee. TRISH is an A.I. enabled solution crossing data sets and systems of record to drive a specific outcome while growing faster and smarter over time. SHOAR's "Digital Employee" focuses on a specific use case and business problem, doing work the way you want when you want. Our team of AI and Revenue Cycle experts has proven that Digital Employees can replace the work of humans, allowing your organization to redeploy those precious resources to more value-added activities. The result is a more efficient process that is consistent and intelligent. Let us show you how we can reinvent your revenue cycle.

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