SHOAR Competes in Georgia Healthcare Innovation Pitch Challenge


Artificial Intelligence for Hospital Revenue Cycles

Windham Brannon Healthcare Advisor Valerie Barckhoff teamed up with Vipin Ramani, Ph.D. of Deep Indigo to form SHOAR Health, LLC, and together, they’re reinventing the revenue cycle for hospitals and healthcare systems with artificial intelligence. SHOAR competed as one of four finalists in a statewide forward pitch event in October 2020. Watch the pitch above.

Read the joint venture’s full press release.

It’s estimated that revenue cycle teams spend about 25% of their day performing repetitive tasks that could be saved with AI. Adding efficiency into the process not only saves time, but it also can patch revenue leaks within processes.

About the Georgia Healthcare Innovation Challenge

The goal of The Challenge is to foster collaboration between medical and technology providers to improve the delivery of healthcare in Georgia.

The program kicked off with a ‘Reverse Pitch’  event, where two Navicent health leaders shared the top challenges they’re facing and invited the ecosystem to propose potential solutions.

The 13-week program will culminate with a Forward Pitch Event, where finalists will present their proposals to some of Georgia’s top healthcare leaders and the ecosystem at large.

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