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Whether your technology company is just starting out, in growth mode, or you’re a founder planning your exit, Windham Brannon has the experience to help you navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship in a fast-paced industry. We understand how the challenges can vary from day to day, and the support you need in Year One raising capital is much different than the scaling up you’ll need to do in Years Two or Three. Let us introduce you to private equity and venture capital firms or walk you through applying for Research and Development tax credits. We can also discuss where you see yourself after your exit – regardless if you want to start the next adventure or retire comfortably. Look for us at the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV). Our participation as an Advisor to Villagers means that we commit to monthly office hours to share business advice and guidance on common tech start-up issues, free of charge.



Our team understands the intricacies of the industry where ever you are on your journey.

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We know that securing funding for an early-stage start-up can be a challenge. The Angel Investor Credit, available in Georgia since 2012, permits an annual credit of up to $50,000 for angel investors. Windham Brannon can assist with registering with the Georgia Department of Revenue and ensuring your tech start-up meets the guidelines to accept Angel Investor Credit investments.

When you’ve taken your business as far as you want it go and are ready for the next phase in your life – or the next challenge – Windham Brannon’s exit and succession planning services can help you identify your goals, financial readiness, and the tools to make your exit as smooth as possible. Our experts will guide you in maximizing the value of your investment whether your intent is to sell the entirety of your company or your share of it. Strategic tax planning, partnership agreements, estate planning, trusts, and gift planning all may come into play depending on the nature of the transaction.

A tech company in growth mode may be looking to merge with or acquire other businesses or partners to improve its competitive edge. Windham Brannon can assist in buy/sell transactions, due diligence, valuations, and financial modeling to help your tech company make the best decision for its strategic growth objectives.

A tech company’s financial management and oversight needs change as the company grows. Windham Brannon can provide everything from fractional CFO support or outsourced bookkeeping and payroll to help in hiring and training internal accounting and finance staff. We also provide outsourced cloud accounting as an easy solution to quickly access key financial data, from anywhere.

The Research and Development Tax Credit can be a huge win for small tech companies that are constantly innovating. It is a source of immediate cash and can substantially reduce taxable liability not just in the current year, but into the future as well. We can help your tech company claim its maximum state and/or federal R&D tax credit allowance by helping you accurately document research activities, track expenses, and determining the calculation that will yield the best result.

A common challenge among large and established tech companies is the need for increased security practices to protect against hackers or other security risks. System and Organization (SOC) reports assure data privacy, financial reporting, and security standards that comply with AICPA and other regulatory bodies. Windham Brannon can conduct SOC readiness assessments for tech companies and provide independent SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 examination reports on systems and organizational controls within your tech company.

Windham Brannon’s tax planning and compliance consulting for technology companies range from basic tax preparation and projections to start-up entity selection, pass-through entity tax planning, applying for industry-specific tax credits, state and local tax planning, compensation planning, and international tax issues.


Atlanta tech companies know they can rely on Windham Brannon for a comprehensive array of services to assist with optimizing form and function, creating and executing a plan and ultimately, increasing the opportunity for success and profitability. Our approach centers around offering the know-how and flexibility that tech companies need, balanced with expert guidance that evolves as your business needs change.



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