Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimization Program

Is it time to optimize your revenue cycle?

Managing your revenue cycle at your hospital is no easy task. Windham Brannon brings you specialized training and best practices–through a cost-effective program.

Windham Brannon’s Revenue Cycle Optimization Program provides numerous benefits:

• Direct access to deep revenue cycle expertise
• Benchmarking of your hospital performance against best practices in the industry
• Coaching on the development and management of revenue cycle scorecards
• Coaching of revenue cycle staff on action planning and implementation
• Greater understanding of accounts receivables and revenue cycle operations
• Identification of cash acceleration and net revenue improvement opportunities

Who Should Join

The program is designed for hospitals with staffing and financial challenges or those that do not have access to deep revenue cycle expertise or funding for traditional revenue cycle consulting. However, organizations in the follow scenarios stand to benefit the most:

  • 200 beds or less
  • Siloed revenue cycle operations
  • Struggling revenue cycle performance
  • Not ready, cannot afford, or do not desire a traditional revenue cycle
  • Cycle consulting project

Learn more about the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Optimization Program and contact Windham Brannon Healthcare Advisors today.

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