Providing Financial and Operational Assurance to Middle Market Companies

Good financial recordkeeping starts with the basics: bookkeeping and regularly reconciled statements and accounts. From there, as your business grows, your need for increased financial organization and operational processes also grows. Financial assurance services offer credibility to external stakeholders and peace of mind to management that the company is running smoothly. Windham Brannon’s assurance services are tailored to maximize efficiencies with minimal disruption to your business. We take a proactive approach while focusing our efforts on the day-to-day efficiencies without spending time recreating the wheel. Our team is here to help take the stress out of the audit experience so that you can spend time on the other aspects of your business.  


Our team is here to help take the stress out of the audit experience so that you can spend time on the other aspects of your business.

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Perhaps your company is in the process of acquiring another business. In these and other instances, agreed upon procedures may be helpful in conducting an audit on a specific business process or internal control procedure. Windham Brannon has experience performing agreed upon procedures in a variety of industries. Curious if an agreed upon procedure is appropriate for your situation? Contact Windham Brannon.

Is your business growing and you need outside capital? Perhaps your nonprofit’s corporate donors are requesting financial assurance before committing to a major campaign. Unlike full audits, compilations and reviews provide a more limited, but effective, assessment of financial data. Compilations are ideal for small businesses and nonprofits that simply need organized financials that comply with GAAP. Reviews offer a limited scope assessment of corporate financial performance, but do not go into the level of detail of a full scope audit. Reviews can sometimes still be acceptable to lenders and stakeholders; Windham Brannon can help your organization decide which procedure is most appropriate

Offering a retirement benefit plan to your employees has been shown to increase job satisfaction and loyalty, but it comes with a cost: a compliance cost. Companies whose qualified retirement plans have at least 100 participants are required to have an independent audit that meets ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) compliance needs. Even plans below this threshold may require an audit to meet other stakeholder requirements. Windham Brannon is familiar with defined benefit, defined contribution, health and welfare, ESOP, and profit-sharing plans as well as 11-K filings. Learn More

A financial statement represents much more than a snapshot of company financial performance. When properly understood and managed, financial statements allow users to see where money is being used, how efficiently, and how different aspects of the business are working together – or not. Financial statement audits represent the highest level of assurance to lenders and other stakeholders that the company’s financial position is strong and there are no material misstatements – compared to compilations and reviews, which offer more limited assessments. Windham Brannon’s financial statement audits are tailored to maximize efficiencies with minimal staff disruption.

A common challenge among large and established companies is the need for increased security practices to protect against hackers or other security risks. System and Organization (SOC) reports assure data privacy, financial reporting, and security standards that comply with AICPA and other regulatory bodies. Windham Brannon can conduct SOC readiness assessments for companies and provide independent SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 examination reports on systems and organizational controls within your organization


Many companies may view financial statement audits as a compliance activity, when in reality they can serve as effective mechanisms to assess the operational and financial health of a business. Windham Brannon understands the challenges that internal finance staff face when beginning an audit engagement, and that’s why we work hard to schedule the audits well in advance and work around your deadlines so as to minimize on-site disruption. Our process evaluates the impacts of your specific industry and business operations, then we tailor the team and approach according to your needs and level of audit complexity. You know what to expect, and when. Windham Brannon audit staff and partners are known for making an otherwise tedious task easy, manageable, and efficient – and we help you uncover internal control improvements along the way.



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