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Corporate tax can be as simple as one tax return for owners of pass-through entities or include multiple taxing jurisdictions, both domestic and foreign, with non-traditional revenue streams. And just like individuals, major events in a company’s lifespan can have a substantial tax impact. Start-up, emerging growth, and middle market businesses in Atlanta look to Windham Brannon for our depth of tax expertise in local, state, federal, and international tax matters. And when the tax implications extend to strategic growth or risk advisory services, our team’s integrated approach puts your business first so business decisions are made with all angles considered.


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If a business relocation or expansion is on the calendar, businesses want to consider every opportunity to conserve cash. If your company is in the process of building, purchasing, expanding, or renovating real estate can realize valuable tax savings using cost segregation studies. Often, we can find tax savings in most real estate projects, leading to accelerated deductions and occasionally sales tax exemptions and lower property taxes.

The way your business is structured matters for tax purposes as much as your ability to meet operational goals. For new business owners or existing operations considering an entity change, Windham Brannon can advise on the available entity types in Georgia and which one is the best fit for funding sources, partner involvement, personal liability, and your exit strategy.

Technological advances are reducing and even eliminating the traditional geographic borders that used to separate businesses and individuals. Now, it’s possible for a small business in Georgia to deal with international suppliers and buyers, and individuals are finding profitable careers abroad. Windham Brannon specializes in global tax planning, structuring, and consulting to ensure your business or personal objectives are met while complying with domestic and international tax laws.

There are thousands of different taxing jurisdictions across the United States, and they all want their due. Whether you’re doing business in multiple states or you live in one state and work in another, or you’re wondering how to plan now that the SALT cap is limited to $10,000, Windham Brannon will work closely with you to help remove the administrative burden associated with mitigating tax exposure in state and local regions.

Companies in growth mode or those looking to sell turn to Windham Brannon for years – and billions of dollars – of experience. Our Strategic Growth Advisory team has handled around 100 transactions in just the past year and is well-positioned to add value and minimize the tax impact of corporate deals.

If you ever get a letter from the IRS, Tax Court, or state Department of Revenue, have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to represent your business on your own. Windham Brannon has advised hundreds of clients over the years at every level of tax controversy, and our team is well-equipped to advocate for your best interests for the most favorable outcome possible

From evaluating healthcare deductions according to how many employees are on payroll to forecasting how and when proceeds from business activities will hit the income statement, our specialized tax services help you see all angles of your company’s tax position. Historical tax analyses, specialized credits, and deductions, and ongoing tax support for businesses and their owners/partners can minimize the tax liability inherent in a modern economy.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was considered the most sweeping change to the Tax Code in decades. Businesses were left wondering how the new laws applied to them as the IRS struggled to release completed guidelines. Windham Brannon’s Tax Reform Resource Center guides you through the complexities of new tax laws and keeping you informed on best practices so that together, we can make the best decisions for your financial future.

Tax Reform created a valuable deduction for small and closely held businesses called the Qualified Business Income Deduction, or QBID. Also known as the pass-thru entity deduction, it provides for a maximum 20 percent deduction for qualified business income for applicable businesses. The calculation can become complex and even partners in business types that aren’t eligible may still qualify for a prorated deduction. Windham Brannon will analyze the full scenario and provide a workable solution to claim any part of the QBID deduction that is available.


Drawing upon decades of experience dealing with the IRS and other taxing authorities and dozens of professionals well-versed in various tax laws, Windham Brannon’s Business Tax practice works alongside owners and partners to reduce their company’s tax liability now and in years to come. We utilize every tax planning tool to preserve your company’s cash flow and profitability, and we look for opportunities to maximize credits and deductions according to your business plan.



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