Employee Benefit Plans

Ensuring Compliance for Your Employee Benefit Plans

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires an independent employee benefit plan audit for companies with more than 100 eligible participants. ERISA is a very complicated law to navigate, especially for companies without access to internal resources who understand compliance issues presented by their plans. We have the expertise to perform ERISA audits to ensure full compliance in accordance with the DOL.


Our strong team of employee benefit plan professionals have more than 30 years of deep experience in this area, many of them serving in key leadership roles within top industry organizations.

Anne Morris
Principal, Audit

Phone: 678-510-2723


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Providing high-quality and timely audits for 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, 11-K filings, profit-sharing plans, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), health and welfare plans as well as defined benefit pension plans.

Assisting companies in preparing, managing and maintaining compliance to satisfy their Form 5500 filing requirements relating to their employer-sponsored benefit plans.

Conducting SOC 1 audits and reporting of 401(k) record keepers to provide assurance that appropriate controls are in place and processes are being followed to safeguard the 401(k) plans.

Advising on plan operations and process improvements, Department of Labor changes and requirements as well as corrections of ERISA compliance matters.

Advising on the opportunities and challenges an employee stock ownership plan can present for your company, whether considering an ESOP for the first time or working through the details of an existing one.


Our team delivers the highest quality audits, with the least amount of disruption to help companies ensure accurate and timely compliance, reduce risks, and operate correctly moving forward.



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