Forensic and Litigation Services

Delivering on All Counts of Fraud and Litigation Support

Ensuring company assets are safe and financial information is accurate are indispensable factors as businesses come under increased pressure to satisfy stakeholders. As fraud and corruption are on the rise, we provide the tools and support to examine fraud, investigate embezzlement, and analyze financial information for use in lawsuits.


Our team members are actively involved in developing forensic accounting and valuation standards of practice and our experts have credentials that include certifications in fraud examination, financial forensics, and business valuation.

Charles McGimsey
Principal, Forensic and Litigation Services Leader

Phone: 678-510-2739

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Natalie S. Lewis
Principal, Forensic and Litigation Services

Phone: 678-510-2801

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Tom Brooks
Principal, Business Valuation

Phone: 678-510-2748

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Matt Stelzman
Director, Litigation Advisory

Phone: 678-510-2879

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Get in-depth discovery and analysis of potential fraud related to asset misappropriation, financial statement misrepresentation and corrupt schemes.

Identify and calculate lost profits, royalties, investments, intellectual asset values, and other financial impacts related to commercial litigation.

Provide comprehensive investigative, methodical, and detailed analysis and reports, assisting companies and attorneys in commercial litigation or pre-litigation.

Communicate understandably to judges and juries, presenting complex financial calculations, damage assessments, accounting processes, and financial reporting.

Identify, verify, and present in-depth financial information relating to the value of a business involved in a legal controversy.


Our team has provided expertise in legal disputes for over 60 years, conducting investigations and presenting findings in court related to liability claims, breach of contract, insolvency, fund misappropriation, and securities.



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