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What do you get when you put together 60 years of combined industry experience, cutting-edge technology partners, and first-hand knowledge of how healthcare businesses are run? A solution to the changing and challenging needs of Atlanta’s medical providers. Our multi-disciplinary expertise in healthcare means that your advisory team understands how the regulatory and legislative landscape affects revenue – and what to do about it. Unlike other healthcare advisors, Windham Brannon incorporates artificial intelligence and automation tools to improve revenue management, and our membership-based Consortium is a unique outlet for more in-depth assistance. Whatever size organization, lean on us for experienced guidance.


Our Healthcare Advisory team has more than 60 years of experience addressing issues that challenge any size healthcare organization.

Valerie Barckhoff
Principal, Healthcare Advisory

Phone: 678-510-2838

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Appropriately accounting for risk is critical in healthcare organizations. This is nothing new; HIPAA standards dictate patient privacy, after all. What about financial security? Conducting internal audits help to identify control weaknesses and efficiency gaps that could be slowing down operations. Windham Brannon’s internal audit support will review internal processes and operations to evaluate risk and compliance to help drive improvements in any size healthcare environment.

When a medical practice is short on doctors or a hospital system loses a key financial administrator, the effects of that vacancy are felt throughout the organization. The longer a position goes unfilled, the more that current staff and physicians can feel burned out, and patient care can suffer. Work with Windham Brannon to tap into a leadership network that can fill critical vacancies for organizations in need of interim-management support.

Revenue cycle management has become increasingly more complicated. Our approach to revenue cycle assessment begins with identifying processes and gathering data necessary to relieve backlogs and reallocate available resources. Windham Brannon’s Healthcare Advisory team will assess the people, processes, systems, and technologies in your organization. The result is a scalable program, using artificial intelligence, that can produce real-time data and lower the cost of doing business.

Identify methods to increase net revenue, accelerate cash, and reduce costs by redesigning processes, implementing technology, and aligning vendors.

For rural hospitals and healthcare facilities struggling with financial challenges and revenue cycle issues, the Revenue Cycle Consortium can provide additional assistance through more in-depth billing and collections consultation; access to more tools and educational resources; and shared best practices regarding price transparency. The Consortium is a membership model designed to be a cost-effective way for hospitals to identify and realize true cash, net-revenue opportunities, and establish preventative measures to ensure compliance regulations are met consistently.

In 2018, our partnership with Digitize.AI allowed us to begin offering a unique, AI-based solution to hospital systems that need to improve revenue cycle management. Using artificial intelligence employee “Lia”, we can help your healthcare organization significantly increase pre-certifications, reduce denials, improve follow-up, and track collection KPIs.

The days seem to get shorter, there are more patients to see, and the daily to-do list seems never-ending. Overburdened healthcare staff often don’t have the time to prioritize accounts receivable. Windham Brannon’s healthcare advisory team partners with Salud Revenue Partners to re-integrate A/R as a source of revenue in medical practices, from providing assistance with A/R follow-up, special projects, underpayment reviews, and other business-office support functions.


Windham Brannon offers solutions for hospitals, sole practitioners, medical practices, assisted-living centers and nursing homes through a broad range of services, including hands-on revenue cycle consulting, price transparency action plan, outsourced practice management, financial planning analysis, and operational consulting. Healthcare organizations looking for practical solutions to accounting, auditing, tax, and operational issues should read more about our services specific to the Healthcare industry.


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