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Where do you see yourself in five years? We may remember questions like that from job interviews earlier in our careers. What about your business? Perhaps your tech company is in rapid growth mode and you can’t hire people fast enough. Or your manufacturing business needs to make a strategic acquisition to grow market share. Maybe it’s time to expand sales beyond your immediate geographic border. Whatever the need – and whether the deal is part of a larger strategy or a one-time need – Windham Brannon’s middle-market strategic growth advisory services will meet you wherever you are. Our team closed nearly 100 M&A deals valued at about $4 billion last year. We are well-positioned to advise you on the corporate finance and development, tax, and accounting implications on buy and sell-side transactions. As members of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, we stay up to date on transactional expertise in accounting, finance, valuation, tax, law, and due diligence.


Our team of advisors supports family businesses, top-performing private equity firms, boards and M&A professionals with complex transactions and post-deal integration support.

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If you’re the seller, you may need to produce three years’ worth of audited financial statements prior to securing funding or closing a deal. If you’re the buyer, you may need assistance vetting the accuracy and completeness of financial statements as well as post-transaction support establishing accounting methods and controls. No matter the situation, Windham Brannon provides high-level support for audit preparation and management; development of proper accounting systems and control mechanisms; conversion to GAAP standards; high-impact reporting; technology and process assessments; and dynamic dashboarding.

Evaluating potential investment opportunities and how to maximize corporate growth means making decisions when you don’t have all the answers. Windham Brannon works to minimize the risks inherent in M&A transactions with experience in direct banking, treasury management, and corporate finance across the capital structure. Specifically, we develop budget forecasting, transaction-specific modeling, lender-compliance reporting, and conduct stress tests according to strategic mandates.

As in any situation, you want to know what you’re buying or who you’re selling to. In corporate M&A, the theory is the same, but the stakes are much higher. Financial due diligence is imperative to understand how the financial statements are interpreted and prepared, and includes revenue recognition, quality of earnings, working capital, and fixed assets capitalization. Tax due diligence, another key piece of vetting targets and preparing a company for sale, can include verifying tax basis adjustments, tax filings, tax expenses, as well as ensuring the tax documentation is accurate and complete.


What are your goals for this transaction, and how can appropriate tax strategies get you there? From structuring the deal to achieve optimum tax treatment to forecasting how and when proceeds from the deal will hit the income statement, our specialized tax services help you see all angles of a potential deal. Historical tax analyses, tax-efficient deal structure advice, and ongoing tax support for partners and investors can minimize the risks present in any transaction.

Corporate transactions continue to be a significant component of overall corporate strategy. Mature and consolidating industries continue to dispose of non-strategic assets while younger, high growth companies look for ways to grow. And for private equity, there are no shortages of businesses seeking capital. Inorganic growth including a viable acquisition program is a great strategy to quickly expand and gain market share. Is there sufficient rationale to execute on such decisions?

How much is the business worth?  To the seller, it’s everything; to a buyer or private equity firm, it’s a number based on well-documented research and analysis from an independent, objective appraiser. Windham Brannon’s Valuations team has earned specialized industry credentials as accredited business valuation and senior appraisers, which means we’re well-qualified to handle complex valuation issues concerning businesses, intangible assets, partnership agreements and other business interests, as well as estates, trusts, and other assets.


How can you tell if a potential business deal will produce a valuable return on investment or end up costing you in wasted time, unwelcome surprises, and missed opportunities? With expert strategic growth consultants to help position you for success, you will be more prepared to meet the nuances of any size transaction. We work with middle-market companies and their owners, partners, and investors to structure M&A deals at the intersection of corporate finance, corporate development, tax, and accounting. From pre-planning to post-transaction advisory, count on us to guide you.


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