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Proactive Guidance That Offers More Tax Benefits and Fewer Liabilities

Atlanta businesses, nonprofit organizations, individuals and their families need precise, personalized tax support now more than ever. Many professional and personal decisions have tax implications, and major life events – from a marriage to a merger, a new home to a new office – have the potential to add tax liabilities if not properly managed. The right tax support starts with a consultative approach tailored to your needs and situation, and that’s what Windham Brannon offers. From there, we provide a carefully thought out plan to address the actual and potential tax impact, so you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a partner in your long-term financial success.


Our multi-disciplinary professionals provide the most thorough and beneficial tax planning and compliance services, no matter how complex your tax issues are.

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Even local-only businesses are being impacted by tax changes at the state, federal, and international level. From changes to sales tax nexus to disappearing deductions, tax planning can get complicated quickly. Properly managing the range of business taxes directly impacts the bottom line, and that’s why Windham Brannon’s Business Tax services are designed to simplify the complex, from quarterly estimates and annual filing to integrated tax planning for pass-thru entities, knowledge of specialized credits and deductions, and more. Learn more

The federal estate tax exemption may have doubled through 2026, but that doesn’t mean that high net worth individuals and families should be idle. Georgia residents can still be affected by another state’s estate or inheritance taxes and planning for wealth transfers after 2026 is uncertain. Windham Brannon’s Estate and Gift Planning team can advise on various methods to transfer wealth and assets, including trusts, gifting strategies, retirement accounts, insurance, and more, and with a minimum of red tape.

Tax Reform may have expanded the tax brackets and made certain high net worth tax strategies more advantageous, but in an uncertain legislative and economic environment can be hard to predict the future. Windham Brannon starts with compliance services, such as ensuring high net worth individuals and families are paying enough tax, and we excel at providing proactive, creative advice so you aren’t paying any more than you should, and you can meet your financial goals. Learn more

Specializing in global tax planning, structuring and consulting to ensure your objectives are met while complying with domestic and international tax laws. Learn more

There are thousands of different taxing jurisdictions across the United States, and they all want their due. Whether you’re doing business in multiple states or you live in one state and work in another, or you’re wondering how to plan now that the SALT cap is limited to $10,000, Windham Brannon will work closely with you to help remove the administrative burden associated with mitigating tax exposure in state and local regions. Learn more

If you ever get a letter from the IRS, Tax Court, or state Department of Revenue, have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to represent yourself. Windham Brannon has advised hundreds of clients over the years at every level of tax controversy, and our team is well-equipped to advocate for your best interests for the most favorable outcome possible.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was considered the most sweeping change to the Tax Code in decades. Businesses and individuals were left wondering how the new laws applied to them as the IRS struggled to release completed guidelines. Windham Brannon’s Tax Reform Resource Center guides you through the complexities of new tax laws and keeping you informed on best practices so that together, we can make the best decisions for your financial future. Learn more


An accurately prepared tax form is one part of the tax planning process. Especially since Tax Reform took effect, much has changed in that process, and business owners, partners, individuals, and families need trusted advisors to help them navigate the range of applicable tax law. Clients benefit from a hands-on approach and we value the 360-degree assessment we gain from asking thoughtful questions and listening to your concerns. Services start from basic compliance and can adapt all the way up to collaborative, strategic tax strategies.



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