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Due to the construction industry’s cyclical nature, construction companies often struggle to navigate this boom-or-bust business landscape. Modernizing your business to keep up with technology, data and talent trends in the construction industry can make profitability a challenge when the economy is not so good. Successful business owners rely on experienced construction accounting firms to help them understand the costs to maintain margins and stay profitable at a consistent pace.



Windham Brannon has a large, dedicated team of professionals solely devoted to providing accounting, tax-planning and advisory services to companies in the construction industry.

Mary Beth Saylor
Principal, Tax

Phone: 678-510-2803

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Kerry Buchan
Principal, Audit

Phone: 678-510-2856

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Donna Caruso
Principal, Audit

Phone: 678-510-2752

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Provide tax-efficient strategies that include a comprehensive review and application of all relevant tax credits and deductions as well as percentage-of-completion planning and accounting.

Execute timely audit and other attest services, including assessment of financial reporting risks; quality and compliance of accounting policies; and internal controls as well assistance in navigating revenue recognition and lease accounting standards.

Identify licensing and tax-reporting requirements across the country and implement solutions to expedite compliance with the different state regulations.

Develop a personalized plan to help facilitate the successful transition of your construction business to the next generation of owners, including strategies for estate planning, asset distribution, and limiting tax liabilities.

Advise on the opportunities and challenges an employee stock ownership plan can present for your company, whether considering an ESOP for the first time or working through the details of an existing one.


We have more than 50-plus years of experience working with both general and subcontractor businesses, addressing their unique financial reporting activities and managing the related inherent risks to ensure they meet their construction accounting requirements and, ultimately, their financial goals.



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