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You’re in the community you serve, every day, looking for ways to make it better. So are we – and our community is our clients. We are dedicated and committed to helping you realize your organizational vision and mission through effective financial management. With more than 25 years of serving not-for-profit organizations, Windham Brannon encourages a community-minded environment within the firm and our passion for personal involvement gives us a better understanding of the issues that affect the not-for-profit industry. Many of our team members serve on community boards and advisory committees, and as a firm, we feel a great sense of pride to be able to give back to our neighbors through initiatives such as the Windham Brannon Foundation. Windham Brannon is the only licensed provider of Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) in the state of Georgia. Each year our team of experts hosts a hands-on CNAP training to provide accounting professionals and nonprofit personnel a platform to enhance their financial skillset and take the lead in their financial management role.



Our team offers a wealth of not for profit experience. Beyond the technical details, we understand what matters to your organization and we are committed to supporting your success.

Carlye Dooley
Principal, Tax and Client Accounting Services Co-Leader

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Anne Morris
Principal, Audit

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Operating a successful nonprofit takes work, and usually, it’s a few dedicated individuals wearing a lot of different hats. That doesn’t often leave room for strategic planning or a high-level perspective of how to improve organizational processes and procedures. Windham Brannon works with nonprofit leaders and Boards to provide advisory services that include budget analysis, expense allocation calculations, client accounting services, internal control assessment, and grant application consulting.

Perhaps your organization’s corporate donors are requesting financial assurance before committing to a major campaign, or a lender is requiring additional assurance of materiality before extending the line of credit. When properly understood and managed, financial statements allow users to see where the money is being used, how efficiently, and how different aspects of the organization are working together – or not. Whether your nonprofit requires a full scope audit or simply organized financials compliant with GAAP standards, Windham Brannon’s assurance services for nonprofits ensure that financial statements are up to industry standards. We also provide audits of 403(b) and other nonprofit retirement plans.

The members of your Board of Directors serve important roles as financial stewards, representatives, and strategic advisors. They also have a legal duty to help guide your organization, but many Board members are unaware of how to do this, or what’s involved. Windham Brannon works with Boards of Directors and nonprofit management on a range of governance issues, like setting appropriate policies, providing financial training, and other issues that affect how the organization operates.

Timely filing the Form 990 is the simplest part of nonprofit tax compliance. When more fundraising activities are taking place online, and larger organizations are entering into joint ventures, the tax implications are meaningful not just for management and Board members, but also donors and beneficiaries. Windham Brannon can advise on a range of specialty consulting issues, like choosing the right tax structure for your charitable organization and related entities, obtaining or restoring tax-exempt status, drafting gift acceptance policies, state and local tax planning, risk assurance and advisory services, strategic growth services, and representation before the IRS and other taxing bodies.

Nonprofits need to carefully evaluate every aspect of cash flow to keep the organization running smoothly. When your organization operates on donations, grants, and other funds, every dollar matters. And not every dollar is equal: some donations can be taxable or tax-exempt, some revenue streams are also taxable even in an exempt organization, and all expenses must be allocated properly. Windham Brannon’s comprehensive tax planning services for nonprofits spans the range of basic compliance – like annual tax return preparation and Form 990 filing – to strategic consulting, such as unrelated business income tax planning (UBIT).


You’re working with a limited budget, fewer staff than you would like, on a long to-do list of initiatives. But you have a Board of Directors to help realize your goals, and a team of supporters ready and willing to make the dream a reality. Windham Brannon has been one of those supporters for years in the Atlanta community. Whether through service on boards and committees or through strategic, thoughtful financial management and consulting services, we’re trying to do our part to make an impact. Nonprofit consulting services include assurance, advisory, tax, and strategic planning to help you run your nonprofit as smoothly as possible.



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