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50 Years of Experience Helping Professional Services Firms Meet Unique Business Challenges

Until you’ve been in it, it’s hard to understand the nuances and challenges of managing a professional services firm. Managing partners, CEOs, Directors, and other executives must juggle many competing responsibilities: client engagements, staff management, operations, hiring and firing, and not to mention business development. It’s hard to know when to focus on the business when you’re so busy working in it. Windham Brannon has overcome many of the same issues ourselves. With more than 50 years of experience working with law, engineering, marketing and advertising, and financial firms, we know how to help you grow your firm, manage financial processes, and improve profitability.



Our team provides the most thorough and beneficial tax planning and compliance services for your firm.

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Your clients are your passion and one of the main reasons you chose your career. We know that providing exceptional client services often doesn’t leave room for strategic planning or a high-level perspective of how to improve firm-wide processes and procedures. Windham Brannon works with professional services firm executives to provide advisory services that include financial benchmarking, overhead allocation analysis, cybersecurity and risk assurance assessments, M&A transaction support, and more

Financial oversight of a professional services firm can be time-consuming but is an important process for internal and external stakeholders. When properly understood and managed, financial statements allow users to see where money is being used, how efficiently, and how different aspects of the firm are working together – or not. Whether your firm requires a full scope audit or simply organized financials compliant with GAAP standards, Windham Brannon’s assurance services for nonprofits ensure that financial statements are up to industry standards.

Offering a retirement benefit plan to your employees has been shown to increase job satisfaction and loyalty. Windham Brannon is familiar with defined benefit, defined contribution, health and welfare, ESOP, and profit-sharing plans as well as 11-K filings. We can help your firm manage the process of ERISA and DOL compliance and reduce the time it takes to manage retirement plans by streamlining administrative tasks and processes. We can also work with other service providers to educate your employees on plan offerings

Owners and shareholders of LLCs, partnerships, and S-Corps stand to benefit from the qualified business income deduction, also known as the 20% pass-thru entity deduction. We can help you identify whether your business qualifies and to what extent, as well as how much of the deduction your shareholders are entitled to. Flow-through tax analysis and planning at the individual level also takes into consideration available deductions, incentives, and long-term planning so that your shareholders and their families also benefit from forward-thinking tax analysis and consulting.

Sometimes, the most basic corporate finance and operational tasks also take up the most time. Completing daily tasks is important, but so is looking at the big picture and streamlining processes where it makes sense. Windham Brannon offers timely and reliable bank account, credit card and cash reconciliations, tax preparation as well as financial statements and reports with the details you require. We work with a variety of software programs including Quickbooks, Sage, Expensify, and Yardi, among many others.

Owning a professional services firm is more than a job; for many, it’s their legacy. Ensure yours stands the test of time, economies, and future generations with personalized succession planning. Windham Brannon can assist in evaluating the taxable impact of partnership and compensation agreements, buy-ins and buy-outs, conducting valuations, and help you develop a transition plan well in advance of needing to implement it.

With professional services firms, how the business is taxed directly affects how owners and shareholders are taxed. Since 2017, many business deductions have been phased out or drastically reduced, leaving owners and shareholders with fewer options to maximize tax savings. Our Professional Services tax experts can take care of basic quarterly and annual tax planning and available tax credits and deductions as well as advise on the range of tax issues that arise. Tax consulting options include state and local tax compliance, international tax issues, setting and implementing firm-wide tax policies, analyzing cash flow management and projections, and advising on the taxable impact of partnership agreements.


One of the most challenging aspects of financial oversight for professional services firms is that the individuals responsible also have a significant amount of billable time to manage. There are only so many hours in the day, and clients come first. Working with a knowledgeable partner on strategic tax and advisory services ensures that the future of your firm doesn’t get lost in the course of daily busyness. Windham Brannon’s competence in the professional services sector means that every client can expect more experience, insight, and resourcefulness to resolve even the most unique business challenges.



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