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Supplying Better Financial Control for the Manufacturing Industry In Atlanta and Beyond

With ever-increasing regulations, fluctuating global trade costs and workforce skill gaps capitalized by rapidly moving technology, manufacturing businesses have one of the most challenging ecosystems in the marketplace today. With some of the most unique accounting methods and tax situations, manufacturers need to rely on advisors who are familiar with the industry. Our team stays on top of industry changes and advancements, providing our clients with innovative business approaches to capitalize on opportunities and lower taxable impact.



Our team provides proactive and innovative manufacturing, distribution and logistics accounting for all phases of operations.

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The ability of manufacturers to compete in a changing economy while remaining profitable depends on internal controls, processes, and procedures. We work with business owners and executives to integrate technology, innovation, and analysis to improve inventory management, administrative functions, and financial reporting procedures. Our goal is to ensure financial statements are up to industry standards through audit, review, and compilations, including inventory control, ERISA, and internal financial audits and internal controls.

To remain competitive and profitable, you must see where your manufacturing business is going two, three, or more years from now. Uncertain tax framework beyond 2026, strict regulations and economic influences all play a role in forecasting and projections. Windham Brannon assists manufacturers with return on investment analysis; loan negotiations; marginal points of return analysis; cash flow and working capital analysis; financial reporting; and lost profits calculations.

For manufacturers, tax burdens and regulations can be barriers to growth. Planning in an uncertain environment requires a knowledgeable, competent team behind you. Let Windham Brannon be your guide through multi-state and local tax planning with transfer pricing; depreciation of business assets; Nexus studies; industry-specific tax credits and deductions, like sales and use tax, R&D tax credit, manufacturer deduction, and more; sales tax reverse audit; cost segregation studies; multi-state tax planning and compliance; federal and state tax planning and compliance; IRS controversy; and integrated tax planning for manufacturing businesses and their owners.

Manufacturing companies are known for having comprehensive employee benefit plans. From health and welfare plans to defined benefit pension plans and ESOPs, chances are you offer a range of options for your employees. When the number of participants in your benefit plan reaches a certain threshold, you need an audit to ensure the plan is operating in accordance with fiduciary standards. If benefit plan audits aren’t your day job – and they rarely are for middle-market manufacturers – Windham Brannon can help.

When your manufacturing operations are in multiple countries, or even if you simply sell products overseas, there are a myriad of tax laws and regulations to navigate. Whether at the business or personal level, fully integrating worldwide income is critical to avoiding excess taxation, fines, and penalties. Windham Brannon is well-versed in foreign tax credits, deductions, and regulations and can help your manufacturing business avoid double taxation and regulatory scrutiny.

A manufacturing company’s financial management and oversight needs change as the company grows. Windham Brannon can provide everything from fractional CFO support or outsourced bookkeeping and payroll to help in hiring and training internal accounting and finance staff. We also provide outsourced cloud accounting as an easy solution to quickly access key financial data, from anywhere.

If you start to see margins slipping or you’re trying to enter a new market, strategic mergers and acquisitions can achieve growth and greater market share. There is increasing M&A activity among manufacturers, as smaller organizations seek to compete with larger competitors and complement existing business lines. We can help your company achieve success and manage the complexities of strategic transactions, before the deal and after.


In manufacturing, it’s not enough to know where you are; you also must know where your competitors are and where the market and economy are going. That’s a lot for manufacturing owners and partners to monitor. Our services focus on the day-to-day operations that impact current year results while planning for the next phase of your business life cycle. We also understand how a family-owned business can add additional dynamics to succession planning and focus on your exit strategy from the beginning.



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