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Investing in the Future: Meeting Tomorrow's Real Estate Needs with Today's Planning

The real estate industry of tomorrow will look much different than what we’re used to. Technology like analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the expectation, not the exception. Sustainability and commitment to a full product lifecycle in new and retrofit projects will be priorities. The tenant experience will become more important than ever, especially with the rise of urbanization. Looking ahead to these changes while also balancing the need for investor returns requires a diligent real estate partner who understands how the financials interact with total project goals amid a rapidly changing economy. We can help commercial and residential real estate stakeholders with tax, audit, and regulatory compliance, as well as specialized consulting services that help you weather slowdowns and take advantage of upturns.



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Real estate transactions can be extremely complex. Owners, partners, and investors need to know there are no surprises and that the return on investment is worth the risk. Real estate advisory and transaction support services offer valuation of existing properties and projects in development. We also advise on the integration of new investments into existing portfolios as well as consult on deal structures and transactions, including joint venture and partnership structuring.

Accurate and complete financial statements do more than satisfy government, regulatory, and investor requirements. They can also be used to assess operational and financial performance and direct financial strategy for future periods. Windham Brannon delivers timely reviews of financial statements and other information to ensure your real estate company, partnership, or investment stays current with accounting and reporting standards as well as in compliance with government and lending regulations. We also perform employee benefit plan audits.

Failing to anticipate cost overruns or small mistakes applying indirect costs to the correct job category can lead to project delays and unintended tax consequences. Cost allocation consulting ensures that all direct, indirect, and overhead expenses are properly accounted for. Additionally, we can assist in establishing a job cost tracking system to fully capture future projects.

Real estate is a substantial source of wealth and revenue for many investors. Before new construction or an acquisition, let Windham Brannon conduct a cost segregation study to achieve immediate cash flow. Often, we can find tax savings in most real estate projects, leading to accelerated deductions and occasionally sales tax exemptions and lower property taxes.

Leveraging your real estate company’s staff and resources is a smart move. Whether the need is small, such as automating accounts payable and receivable, or the need is more strategic, such as outsourced CFO services, our personalized approach delivers value where you need it. We can assist with all facets of business financials, from managing cash flow, keeping track of receivables, organizing financial paperwork and filing taxes, and executive-level strategic support, allowing your real estate company to improve efficiency and performance.

One of the new pieces of Tax Reform, Opportunity Zones give real estate investors and builders several tax incentives to purchase and develop property in economically disadvantaged areas of Atlanta. Opportunity Zones, which are financed by Qualified Opportunity Funds, come with many perks, like deferred or excluded capital gains and step-up in basis. Windham Brannon can help stakeholders in the real estate industry navigate the intricacies of investing in Opportunity Zones and decide on an appropriate level of investment risk.

Almost every real estate decision has tax implications. Specialized tax consulting goes beyond preparing and filing timely returns; Windham Brannon’s Real Estate team works closely with clients to perform tax due diligence prior to transactions and throughout the year to improve tax efficiencies and identify opportunities for tax savings. We provide tax-efficient strategies that include a comprehensive review and application of all relevant tax credits and deductions, as well as assist with unique transactions such as 1031 like-kind exchanges. Additionally, we provide cost segregation analysis, local incentives planning, capital gain analysis, and tax deferral structures to real estate owners, investors, developers, and REITs. And for Atlanta real estate projects with foreign interests, our International Tax practice helps to navigate inbound and outbound foreign transactions.


Atlanta real estate owners, operators, investors, and REITs turn to Windham Brannon for help increasing the value of real estate investments and projects, identifying opportunities to minimize taxes, and ways to capitalize on a changing marketplace. From industrial, office and mixed-use to single and multi-family residential and specialty housing, our team of well-respected industry experts provides real estate development accounting and advisory services with a personalized focus.



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