Achieving and maintaining healthy bottom lines for medical offices and hospital systems

Your role as a healthcare provider is to take care of your patients. Who takes care of you? Whether your medical practice is a small to mid-size independent office or you’re the CFO of a large medical center, you know the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. The question of how to keep up, drive profitability and revenue, while balancing the priorities of patient care is a daunting challenge for any size medical provider. Realizing financial success in healthcare is easier with a knowledgeable partner. Windham Brannon’s Healthcare team members have experience in hospital operations, Big 4 healthcare consulting, and clinical environments in addition to our existing client base. A significant value-add for hospitals is Windham Brannon’s partnership with Digitize.AI. Offering artificial intelligence and automation services has been shown to dramatically improve hospital revenue cycles by as much as 25 to 50 percent.



Our Healthcare team works closely with our clients to navigate the challenges of the industry.

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Accurately prepared financial statements are more than another box to check off in financial management. They also help healthcare organizations see where the money is going, analyze overall financial health, and check for potential fraud. Windham Brannon’s accounting and auditing services for healthcare organizations include financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations; internal controls assessment; and employee benefit plan audits.

Ideal for small to mid-size medical groups, fee schedule and collections consulting analyzes existing collections and billing policies and fee schedules. We can help benchmark your medical practice and assist in implementing uniform policies that will drive collection efforts and increase practice revenue.

Your medical providers or practice is about more than just numbers. Windham Brannon’s outsourced accounting and bookkeeping solutions let you leverage your time and expertise so that you can focus on your patients, and we manage the back-end financials. Assistance can be as simple as monthly reporting and tax compliance to compensation planning and financial oversight.

Working with artificial intelligence and artificial automation technology, we can work with existing software, workflows, and healthcare teams to automate, accelerate, and prioritize pre-certification tasks. Combined with our team’s knowledge of the healthcare industry, revenue cycle management consulting can also help any size medical group increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and lower financial leakage.

As more hospital systems acquire medical groups and independent physicians join together to form a larger, combined practice, doctors and medical executives need experienced, qualified strategic growth advisory consultants.

Whether the goal is to complete the physician’s annual tax return with projections for estimated taxes, deductions, and credits or working with the nuances of corporate taxation, Windham Brannon’s healthcare-centered tax consulting helps minimize the taxable impact of business operations. We also assist physicians, medical groups, and hospitals with IRS controversy, SALT, structure planning and entity choice, distribution calculations, and more.


Physicians and medical administrators turn to Windham Brannon for our specialized healthcare accounting background combined with our working knowledge of the industry. You face a myriad of business challenges related to insurance reimbursements, administrative tasks, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. It’s vital to have a trusted advisor to help manage and overcome these challenges with services tailored to the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations that want to implement effective, efficient financial management strategies to guide them through the next phase of business should read more about our Healthcare Advisory practice.


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